Open Programmable Controllers, strati-fi™ Wi-Fi Ecosystem

Building Clouds offers open hardware solutions compatible with the Opendiem Software Suite. Seamlessly integrate cost-effective, Lon based controllers through Opendiem's LNS Driver. Combine our Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) Ecosystem of strati-fi™ controllers with Bluetooth® SMART Sensors for Light Commercial and small office solutions. See our full line of hardware in the Code Store.

Building Clouds Open Controllers

Select and Purchase a pre-programmed application specific controller from the Code Store to meet your project needs and save yourself valuable time.

The BC240 features free topology communication (78Kbps); 12 Universal inputs; 6 Universal outputs; 6 Digital outputs with Triac; Real Time Clock; Din-rail mounting.

Ready to deploy, proven control code preloaded in the Building Clouds controller. Why re-invent the wheel? Choose by control sequence and available options including installation instructions, documentation and Opendeim compatible control screens.

Advanced users who prefer the flexibility of programming their own control logic, can save by ordering just the controller sized for their specific jobs.

strati-fi Wi-Fi Ecosystem

Build a Smart-Grid that you control in your home or office, connect air conditioning systems, lighting, and appliances over your existing Wi-Fi network securely and effortlessly.

strati-fi controllers and kits are simple to configure using your Web Browser, Smartphone, or Tablet. Personalize your view of the system by importing photos or graphical images. Historical data retrieval, rules based alarms, text or email messaging, and two year advanced scheduling.

The strati-fi22 is part of the strati-fi series of wireless gateways and controllers. Built on advanced communication protocols strati-fi devices automatically connect to our Opendiem Software over TCP/IP. The compact package can be ubiquitously installed near devices you want to control or monitor, and then provisioned onto your existing Wi-Fi network.