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Building Clouds sells its Opendiem software suite through authorized digital partners (ADPs).
Contact our sales team today to find out if you qualify for this special program. ADPs receive discounted pricing on Building Cloud's products and services, and have access to a wide array of technical resources.

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Elite Level Pricing Programs are Now Available

Building Clouds' new Elite Level Pricing Programs help integrators win jobs. Elite members sign up for the level that matches their business model and bid with confidence. For a small monthly fee you will be awarded credits for Opendiem licenses. Build up your credits for larger jobs, or deploy them as needed on smaller jobs. It is your choice, use them to your advantage.

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Featuring fully functional control programs for the Building Automation Industry. Save countless hours of coding, testing and debugging with our time tested Apps ready for download from The Cloud.

For Sales and Support in the USA, Contact our Featured ADP, Energy ETC, Inc.

Energy ETC is located in Northern California, their Engineering Team has over 100 years of experience integrating building automation and energy management systems.
They design and install state of the art, open, non-proprietary systems that can be easily accessed and controlled via the internet.

For Sales and Support in Europe, Contact our Featured ADP, Kaldien Limited

Kaldien Limited is located in Gloucestershire, UK. In addition to supporting the Opendiem Suite, and legacy solutions like Plexus Altitude and Pilot, Kaldien provides businesses with additional knowledge through collecting and presenting real-time information - as fast and accurate as possible. They provide one system that integrates many different data sources and control systems into one easy to use solution, while delivering state of the art visualisation and reporting services to meet consumers needs.

For Sales and Support in Asia, Contact our Featured ADP, American Engineering Corporation (AEC)

AEC is located in Okinawa, Japan. They are an elite construction and engineering firm delivering complex projects and leading edge solutions to U.S. government and commerical enterprises for over 48 years.